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In a natural (unstimulated cycle) or Clomiphene Citrate cycle, mature follicle size is between 18 - 30 mm. If triggered, these cycles are typically triggered when follicle size is between 17-26mm (dependent of the practice and IVF lab). In a gonadotropin cycle, mature follicle size is between 16 - 20 mm. just came from my 2nd ultrasound today cd13, 3 of my follicles have grown larger in size: 14mm,18mm and 18.5mm are the 3 larger ones- doctor thinks i should cancel iui till my next cycle because there is a high chance i can have triplets(i dont think this cycle or the next will make a difference-i'm already on the lowest dose of clomid50mg + next cycle i could have the same amount of follicles or More).

You think the chances would go up with more mature follicles but it doesn't for whatever reason. I have had 6 IUI cycles. Here is how they went: #1: 2 follicles 16 & 18(BFN), #2: 1-follicle 20 (BFN), #3: 8 follicles between 18-24 (BFN), #4: 2 follicles 20 & 22 (BFN), #5: 2-3 follicles between 18-23(BFN), #6 1 follicle 22 (BFP). Jul 09, 2011 · Follicle Size: 19mm, 12mm (IUI #1), 23.25mm, 16.5mm, and one that was "close behind" (IUI #2) E2: 113 (IUI #1), 351 (IUI #2) Lining: 7 (IUI #1), 10 (IUI #2) Numbers are all CD11.

May 12, 2017 · They can "guess" with follicle size on ultrasound and/or bloodwork (approximately 150-200 estrogen per mature follicle). I have not heard of follicles over Reviews: 8. Follicle size for IUI?: Hi everyone, took a little break and I'm back:) I went to my FS this month and he put me on Femara for cd3-7 and waiting for a trigger shot. I'm very new at all this and also super confused, after days of googling (aka driving myself insane) and furthering the confusion I have some questions lol I went for my cd10 ultra sound today and I had.

After trigger follicles continue to grow until released (36 hours later) so they could've been 2 x 22 & 1 x 19/20 by the te you ovulated. 3 follicles for IUI is perfect & the sizes are also perfect! Best of luck!! I got pregnant from IUI with 2 x 20 follicles on day of trigger-he is now a happy, energetic 3 year old boy!! In HMG cycles, the number of follicles decreased with age, from 7.3 before age 28 to 3.5 for ages 42 to 43. In clomiphene + HMG cycles, the number of follicles decreased from 5.8 before age 28 to 3.3 for ages 42 to 43. The implantation rates per follicle were identical for all three stimulation regimens and decreased sharply after age 39.