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American Radio Supply. American Radio Supply, LLC is a national supplier of quality radio communication parts and wireless connectivity components including coaxial connectors, cables, antennas. We offer thousands of products and we represent many well known brands. Learn More. Not really happy with this Amateur Electronic Supply. An employee at their Cleveland store told me that I could return a radio and they would waive the 15% restocking fee if I purchased another radio. They advised that I would have to pay for the original shipping which I thought was fair.4.4/5(132).

DELARA and the Delaware County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) have been granted access to the Delaware Red Cross building, 380 Hills Miller Road. We have established a contest-grade amateur radio station there to serve Delaware County in emergencies and public service activities, and to perform as a club station. Welcome to the First State Amateur Radio Club (K3QBD) We are an association of Amateur Radio enthusiasts with a diverse set of interests and talents. Based in New Castle County, the First County in the First State of Delaware, the First State Amateur Radio Club has been in .