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Jul 14, 2014 · For the most part, patients with uncontrolled vomiting for more than four or five hours — meaning they can’t keep down even clear fluids — should go to the ER, especially young children or elderly adults. Doctors can give them intravenous fluids and possibly nausea medication to make them more comfortable, Dr. Kirsh says.Author: Digestive Health, Digestive Health Team. Self Care for Vomiting Have the person drink small amounts of water, sports drinks, or clear liquids. Don't give the person solid food until vomiting has stopped. When the person can tolerate food, try small amounts of the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast.

Dec 28, 2007 · If vomiting or nausea is because of a migraine, you might want to stay away from bright light, loud noise or any strong aroma. Avoid chocolate and dairy too. If you feel like you're going to throw up, and absolutely can't help it, take deep breaths and relax. Let it just come out, and you'll avoid a whole lot of pain.78%(9). Nausea (feeling sick) and vomiting (being sick) in adults isn't usually a sign of anything serious. In most cases, you won't need any specific treatment and can take care of yourself at home until you feel better. One of the most common causes of vomiting in adults is a gut infection (gastroenteritis), which usually only lasts one or two days.

Nausea and vomiting in adults isn't usually a sign of anything serious and tends to only last 1 or 2 days. Vomiting is the body’s way of ridding itself of harmful substances from the stomach, or it may be a reaction to something that has irritated the gut.