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Leader Skits. I was going to call this Adult Skits, but thought that might have the wrong connotation. No, these are skits that are basically silly, but are best done by the leaders, or to leaders, rather than the Scouts. Please send me your favorite skits for leaders and I'll include them here. Scouting troops, both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, are always looking for fresh new ideas. We are hoping to provide a huge resource for people to draw from for skit ideas and inspiration. We are even asking for your help in making this happen. You can see our form below for submitting skits that you know of or even your original skits.

A couple well-rehearsed and acted out comedy skits are talked about for weeks afterward. Scout skits tend to be gross or slapstick but there's no reason a good thought-provoking one can't be thrown in. Find free scripts for your group of scouts or search for specific humorous skits for . Filed Under: Cub Scout Tigers Adventures & Requirements, Cub Scouts Outdoors, Cub Scouts Wolves Adventures & Requirements Tagged With: Campfires, Cub Scout Skits, Howling at the Moon, Tigers in the Wild 6 Silly and Simple Cub Scout Skits for Campfires. This post may contain affiliate links which means we receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase.Author: Sherry Smothermon-Short.

1st Scout comes out: Gets down on all fours, pretending to be a table. 2nd Scout comes out, looks at the table and declares; 2nd SCOUT: "Ahh, a fly, I think I'll pull it's wings off" Proceeds to pick it up, pluck the wings, put it back on the table, and walks off. 3nd Scout comes out, looks at the fly on the table and says;.